Eating and Exercise – Do they really go together?

As it turns out I like food. A lot. The great thing is that I do in fact like healthy items and when I do indulge I try my best to make my ice cream organic and my bread sprouted grain and my coffee fair trade (wait, coffee is not an indulgence, what was I thinking).

My big conundrum is that I strive to lose those last few pounds – while they may not be visible in my work attire they definitely appear at the beach and yes I realize how vain that sounds – I can’t help it. That all being said I go through phases of being great about going to the gym and often I will go twice a day and get in cardio and weights and when I do this I fee AMAZING. I sleep better, I am more focused at work, everything is better. What happens though is that I become ravenously hungry – we’re talking I could eat an 11 egg omelet (egg whites of course) with a half loaf of bread of toast and a bowl of oats for good measure. Conversely I can control the diet when I am not exercising but the weight never changes.

I guess I could try that thing that is called moderation, but I am not very good at that. Advice is always welcome of course.


One Response to Eating and Exercise – Do they really go together?

  1. elizabeth Alexander says:

    I struggle with the same issue. I love working out in the morning because it means that only I am in the way of me going. No client meeting, or creative revisions can cut into my gym time like they could if I relied on being free at 7:00 every evening.

    But, after the gym, I’m ready for lunch at 10:30am! If I’m hungry, I should eat, right? But then am i un-doing all the work I just did at the gym? I face the same dilemma.

    How do I deal? Well, I eat something. Not too much, but something. Even if you eat all the calories you burned (which is unlikely, since working out in the morning keeps your metabolism up all day, hence the hunger in the first place) then you still have done a good thing for your body. Your muscles are still stronger, your bones denser, your heart healthier.

    I usually eat a small granola bar before the gym because I don’t like working out on an empty stomach. Then when I get to work I have some yogurt or a banana with some peanut butter. They say you should have protein post-workout to repair the muscles. So, I say enjoy your breakfast #2 post-workout. Just no peanut butter mood smoothie from Jamba Juice!

    Just remind yourself: It’s better to eat and work out, then to eat an not work out.

    Happy sweating,

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