Headed to the GYM

I am not sure how it happened, but the strat-planning group is headed to the gym. As a group. All at the same time. Reward or punishment? That all depends on who you ask in the group.

Let’s back up a minute and all get on the same page. Caryn W got a two month membership to Equinox and during a recent trip thought how great it would be for everyone to get to try out the fancy new gym in the South Bay so she asked and they agreed to let our team come in for a morning and do whatever we would like (how nice of them btw). I for one can’t wait. I intend to try some new classes including getting my yoga on and finishing with a nice steam. Rumor has it that Evan plans to order a smoothie from the juice bar and park himself in front of the largest TV in the place. We shall see about that – if we tag team him, I think we can get him in a class or two ; )

So stay tuned as everyone in the group shares their day at the gym and once the reports have been logged we will truly know the answer to reward or punishment.


One Response to Headed to the GYM

  1. Mike G says:

    June 24th is the date. Everyone knows they need to blog about this. Let’s see how we do. Evan has already scoped out all the TV locations at the gym.

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