Counting Calories

It would appear that we have returned to following our good friend the calorie.  Gone are the days of carb counting and fat checking (well at least that is what I am seeing).  I have been tracking my calories on an iPhone app called LOSE IT.  I love it.  I have learned a shocking amount about what it is I shove in my mouth with reckless abandon.  I was the guy that would feast on almonds because they are “healthy” and yes they are in fact very healthy when consumed in moderation.  Moderation, what a nasty little word.  It’s true, it wasn’t uncommon for me to sit with a bag of almonds and devour 1000 calories in 30 minute (and in case you are wondering, that is too many calories unless you happen to be training for an upcoming Ironman such as Mark or Skylar).

A few other nasty surprises showed up in the form of calories from alcohol.  Good lord, I was adding 1000’s of additional calories a week to my diet.  Did you know that an ounce of gin has 107 calories. AN OUNCE.

The best part of this experience is that it has shown me how much I should be eating.  I still eat the fun stuff and cocktails still play a wonderful role in my life, but I am now able to look at the entire picture of my eating day with a better understanding of what i am doing.

Happy Eating


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