Big or small, take care of it…

Nothing worse than crutches...

In the office, it doesn’t take you to long to pick up that many people who frequent this building every day are actually exercise and fitness enthusiasts. Whether that’s on a bike, in the ocean, stomping the pavement or adding to the masses in the health clubs.

But after chatting with people in the office and in everyday life, one thing that is very common is that being active, does lend your body to the odd strain, pull and sometimes worse. But whether it’s big or small it’s evident that it really affects the person beyond just their regular exercise regime.

I have been very fortunate and unfortunate where most of the physical activities I have been involved in, there has always been a Doctor/Surgeon/Physical Therapist on hand for anything that may happen. That is the fortunate part, but the unfortunate part is I have had to use up far more of their time than they or I would like to admit, with serious and not so serious injuries. But that really got me thinking, where do you go and what do you do when you’re out doing your thing and you tweak something?

Well first off let me say that I’m no doctor, But I have spent a good portion of my life playing professional sport and have taken a great interest in how our body works. Obviously if you think it’s a fairly bad injury go straight to your doctor, but if it’s just something that is nagging, there is a great resource, WebMD. com. WebMD – “Better information. Better health”. I think that really says it all, but it really is a great place, to look in to what may be causing you trouble while trying to stay on track.

On a personal note, the one thing that I could add to this is whatever you do, always err on the side of caution. There is never any rush to get back to full activity and if you rush it, it could add those extra weeks and an added symptom that could have been avoided.

I think what I’m trying to say in all of this, is you may hurt yourself, but not taking care of it is going to cause more damage and have a greater effect on your life than you want.


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