Happy Gym

It was time for a day of group bonding. And what better place to do this, than at the gym.  Yes you heard correctly, at the gym.  As it happens I like the gym.  I know it is odd to hear, but I like feeling better when I am done, it makes the food and wine enjoyed after a good workout that much more enjoyable (yeah, I know it is supposed to be skinless chicken breasts and protein shakes, but that is not going to happen).

When I say at the gym, I should clarify and say this was going to be at any ole gym – we were going to Equinox. I had never been to an “uber gym”, I was used to the “people’s” gym, with the masses.  You know the place I am sure, it is where the crazy, loud and smelly people gather to share far too much about themselves. Where you are as likely to see a pool of sweat on a machine as you are to hear some horrific song ringing at deafening volumes from the earphones of the person running next to you.  And we can’t forget about my favorite gym phenomenon, the guy that works the room, hitting on the girls while talking trash with the guys and generally driving everyone crazy (all while wearing something straight from 1986).

Well, in the world of Equinox these things do not exist.  It is a magical place.  More spa, meets gym, meets W hotel.  I was in heaven.  Towel service, polite gym goers, every product you could imagine in the locker room (and no off brand labels here – they carry Kielh’s instead of that toxic neon pink substance those others try to pass off as soap).

I took classes, sat in the steam, lifted a few heavy things and finished each session with a delectable bite from the café. If they offered rooms for rent, I would likely get one.  I never knew that going to the gym could make me this happy.

But now I am sad, the gym is too far from my house and I am back at that other place now. The one with the old men who refuse to wear towels in the locker room.  The place wear smells are not those of the eucalyptus infused towels that Equinox offers.  Yes, I am sad. All that I can do is continue to go and dream of the day I can return to Equinox.


One Response to Happy Gym

  1. Caryn says:

    If anyone is interested in a weekend pass to Equinox let me know.

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