Air, What a Drag! Aerodynamic Drag per Cycling Position

I am always on a quest for free speed on my bicycle and most specifically, my time trial bike. By “free” I do not necessarily mean money free (though I wish it could be). I mostly mean free of additional training or strength through gadgets, gear, or body position.

Cozy Beehive, a cycling blog that I follow recently posted a chart (shared with him by Troy Rank, an engineering student from RIT) profiling the different amounts of aerodynamic drag associated with different types of human-powered mobility.

Its an interesting chart to explore, and for me I discovered that the only realistic alterations I can make should be to create some kind of legal fairing on the front of my TT bike (drag coefficient .70), draft illegally as often as possible (drag coefficient .50), or my most dynamic option… only compete in triathlons occurring on the moon (drag coefficient .15).